85-years-old woman down with stroke abandoned by children

Mrs . Bolaji Isaac, the 85 – year- old
woman who was allegedly abandoned
by her five children , has been
admitted at the Lagos Island General
PUNCH Metro learnt that Bolaji
developed high blood pressure and
was rushed by the Lagos State
Government, Ministry of Youths and
Social Development , to the hospital ,
where she had a stroke.



Our correspondent had reported that

the octogenarian lamented that her

children abandoned her and did not

care about her welfare, adding that

she had been surviving on the

generosity of a Pentecostal church in

Lagos State , Mountain of Fire and

Miracles Ministries .

After the report was published, the

state Commissioner for Youths and

Social Development , Mrs . Uzamat

Akinbile – Yusuf , ordered that she be

taken to the Old People’s Home, Yaba .

The commissioner said , “ By the time

our officials went to take her , her

blood pressure had risen. She was first

brought to our office, from where she

was taken to the Old People’s Home,


“ But now , she is on admission. We

have confirmed that has a partial

stroke. This might not be unconnected

with the neglect she suffered. In

furtherance of our mandate to tend to

the welfare of residents of the state,

we have been taking care of her ,

including paying for the drugs she


One of Bolaji ’s children , Tope , who is

with her at the hospital , told our

correspondent that he had been

responsible for the welfare of his

mother , until he lost his job .

Tope , a graduate of Accounting,

lamented that he was being paid

N18 , 000 in his new place of work,

adding that things had been difficult

for him.

He said , “ I am her first child. The

contract job I have now is just to keep

body and soul together ; I get paid

N18 , 000 every month . How do I

survive on that when I have a wife

and three children ? But I still send her

N2 ,000 to N 3 , 000 monthly.

“ When I read the report in The

PUNCH, I was shocked at what she was

going through. I called her and she

explained that she spoke because of

one of my siblings , Samuel , the


Tope said although the government

had been responsible for his mother ’s

treatment, he still bought drugs

whenever her care giver was not


The 40 – year – old appealed to the

government and Nigerians for a good

job , saying he specialised in stock –


Samuel , the lawyer, told PUNCH Metro

that he was miffed by the lies his

mother told against him , which had

affected his reputation .

He explained that his mother married

no fewer than four husbands, adding

that his father, Michael, brought him


He said , “ It is not true that mama ’s

husband died 20 years ago as she

claimed. My father is still alive . And

he was the one that trained me. All the

five children she had were for four

different men and that is why it is

hard for her to have a place she can

call her own .

“ From what I was told , she attempted

to abort my pregnancy and that was

what resulted in a defect I have in my

body till today . I didn ’t use that

against her . I still give her some things

through my wife. I send money at

different times, sometimes N 5 ,000 and

other times N3 ,000 . ”

When our correspondent asked why

the children could not rent an

apartment for her , Samuel said the

responsibility could not be shouldered

by only him, adding that other

children were not doing anything ,

except Tope .

Samuel ’s father, Michael , said he

separated from Bolaji in 1984 due to

her “ trouble .”

The 68 – year – old engineer described his

four – month relationship with her as

one borne out of frustration.

He said , “ All the husbands that

married her are alive ; none of them is

dead . I think we should be up to four .

This was among the reasons I sent her

away in 1984 after she had Samuel

(the lawyer) for me.

“ I could not accept her any longer

after the four months she lived with

me. She was troublesome . I had

actually travelled to England and came

back only to discover that my wife at

that time was messing around. I saw

her (Bolaji ) and within a few months,

she became pregnant for me . I had to

marry her .”

Bolaji , who had reacted to the claims

before she was hospitalised, said

Michael was not her only husband .

She added that she went through a lot

of difficulty during Samuel ’s

pregnancy and did not make any

attempt to abort him.

She said , “ It is not true that I am

troublesome . I was really troubled by

Abiku , and that was why I had several

husbands. If my only daughter , who

died at 25 , had survived , I will not be

facing these problems . Samuel knew

that his father was not the only

husband I had and he was always

coming to meet me for money when he

was in school . When I was pregnant

with him, I had a struggle with fibroid

and only God saved my life. But no

matter what I did, should that make

my children treat me with disdain ?”




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