Poor power supply makes residents angry

The residents of Delta state bemoaned the BEDC’s inability to provide them with regular power supply.

The current power outage has caused residents of Sapele, Delta State to take to the streets to express their anger over poor electricity supply.

They called the Benin Electricity Company (BEDC) which is responsible for power supply in the region to question concerning the recent dip in their performance.

Clearly feeling dissatisfied, one of the protesters was seen carrying a generator set on his head while others carried placards with inscriptions such as “We don tire for darkness” and “No light, no bill payment. BEDC na thief.”

The state is not the only region suffering irregular or epileptic power supply.

According to the Daily Post , even a busy environment such as the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja is also experiencing the glitch.

This incident has led to a negative effect on trade activities in the state as the poor power supply continue to linger.

All fingers will be pointed at President Muhammadu Buhari who seems to be failing in his promise to make life better for the masses..
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