Muma Gee was never ready for marriage-actor speaks on divorce

The director in a recent interview opens up on their failed marriage, his abduction, encounter with the robbers, fatherhood and much more.

On his abduction back in 2015,

“I was kidnapped in December 2015 and I was with the kidnappers for 12 days. When they abducted me, they did not know I was the one because I was driving a vehicle with tinted glass. It was later they realised that I was an actor.

They told me they like my films, and that actually made them not to be too rough on me. Even when I tried to escape, they did not kill me. One of them told me if not that he likes the way I play bad boys in films, he would have killed me. I think God used the bad boy roles I play in movies to save my life.

However, that is an ordeal I do not want to think about again. It was at the height of the harmattan period and I was tied to a tree for five days. When I tried to escape, they broke my head and I bled for five days without treatment and good food. ”

On his relationship with his estranged wife,

“I am no longer married to Muma Gee, and that is it. ”

Clearing the air on rumours Muma Gee was providing for their family,

“People judge you wrongly when they do not even know you. When the issue between Muma Gee and me happened, people said many horrible things about me that are not true. A lot of people think that Muma used to be the breadwinner of the family, but she was not. Now that we are no more, I’m still waxing strong; even doing better. Those things do not bother me though.”

On marrying again, “Some people have been asking if I will get married again. I am still in the healing process. Some people feel that we might still come back together, but I do not believe that. It is one step at a time.”

On celebrity marriages crashing, “Some people say celebrity marriages do not work, but that is not true. Some people who are not stars are worse; it is just that they are not known. It is just unfortunate that I was with someone who was never ready for marriage and did not respect the sanctity of matrimony.

Many of those girls pretending to be nice out there are wolves in sheep clothing. It is not just about getting married again; I also have to work on myself. I do not have to completely blame the other party; I also have my faults. I work on myself all the time and try to get better .

Prince Eke once reported that Muma Gee travelled to Abuja leaving a few months old baby behind.

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