Donald Trump responds to Streep’s Golden Globes Award speech, calls her “a Hillary Lover”

​United States ’ President – elect Donald Trump dismissed Meryl Streep as “ a Hillary lover” on Monday after the actress , in a speech at the Golden Globes award ceremony , denounced him as a bully who disrespected and humiliated others.

Mr . Trump said that he was “ not surprised ” that he had come under attack from “ liberal movie people . ”

Three – time Oscar winner Streep berated President – elect Donald Trump for his divisive rhetoric as she received a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes on Sunday .

The 67 – year- old fought to control her emotions as she received a standing ovation during her acceptance speech for the Cecil B DeMille Award , handed out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

“ You and all of us in this room , really , belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now . Think about it . Hollywood , foreigners , and the press, ” she said to her peers with a laugh .

“ But who are we ? And , you know , what is Hollywood anyway ? It’ s just a bunch of people from other places . ”

Streep spoke out with less than two weeks to go until the inauguration of Trump , who ran a divisive presidential campaign vilifying Mexicans and calling for a ban on Muslim immigration .

Trump ’ s election came with the movie industry embroiled in its own debate about an Oscars shut – out for non – white actors as well as unequal pay between the sexes .

“ Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. If you kick ’ em all out , you ’ ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts , which are not the arts , ” she said , holding back tears .



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