Azealia Banks ‘Laughed’ at Beyoncé and Jay Z after Trump’s victory.

Donald Trump won the presidency last night (Nov. 8) — in case you’ve been under a rock —and everyone is giving their takes. Perhaps Azealia Banks was least forgiving of those trying to get the first woman president elected.
Banks took to Facebook last night (since she’s been kicked off Twitter) and scoffed at Jay Z and Beyonce’s last minute attempts at trying to help Hillary Clinton pick up the millennial vote.
“I’m really laughing because jayz [sic] and Beyoncé really were up there shucking and bucking for Hillary and she STILL lost,” she wrote. “She had Pharrell old jiminy criket [sic] looking a** up there with his sambo hat on going hard in the paint B*****s was not in formation.”
The Harlem rapper then continued her analysis of what she believes was Clinton’s attempted appeasement of Black folk. “Hillary even tried to say she had HOT SAUCE IN HER BAG,” she said in reference to Clinton’s semi-disastrous interview with The Breakfast Club in which Charlamagne Tha God suggested she was attempting to get in “formation” by telling everyone she carries hot sauce with her everywhere she goes. “She pulled out all of the most typical s**t and still lost. Damn slime….”
Azealia Banks had previously touted her support of Donald Trump’s presidential bid. Other Facebook posts included claims she herself “won” last night and said it was “good for her for losing” in reference to Clinton’s defeat.

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