Jesus is coming soon~Mr. Ibu, as Fans blasts him

“God showed his signal with trumpet sound in a circle object formed by cloud in d sky.

“Everybody stood still till it disappeared. Please have your life cleaned up and be ready I think the D day is close by,” he preached.

The video was reportedly recorded in Israel. It shows cloud ring, with loud music blaring from the sky.

The clip however generated massive reactions on his page as some followers described the clip as a Computer-generated Imagery, calling him an illiterate and some, exalting God and acknowledging that ‘rapture’ really is about to ‘take place’.

@pidgin_mistress wrote: “@realmribu, na illiteracy dey worry you o, nor be only trumpet, na auto tune. See ignorant people believing this nonsense.”



@Cptblackgold: “Is it even real or an edit?”
@blairanyanwu54: “Wow my God is wonderful.”

@onome_paris: “Worse religion, if your religion teaches to kill it’s no longer a religion.”

@gideon10112@onome_paris: “I’m not a Muslim. You’re just jumping into ur own conclusions. It seems all I write is nonsense. The same way evil men twist the bible to commit crimes is the same way they do in Islam. . .in case u don’t know, Muslims believe in Christ too, they believe he died and rose and he will come back to earth. What makes u a Christian is u don’t have love? Why condemn them?most of them were born into it. I wont be surprised to see men wearing their turbans in Heaven.”

@onome_paris@gideon10112: “I never meant u were a Muslim I was just generalizing that if ones religion preaches killing it no longer a religion, I have tried so much to love this people but I am a realist & I can’t pretend, it can’t work! I can’t love someone who slaughterers at a slight provocation am not that strong, it’s just can’t work, May the good lord show ya mercy I pray one day we will all be united and lastly Jesus is the answer I anchor only to his word…. Have a lovely week ahead.‎”


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