I wasn’t unfaithful in my marriage ~Actress Biodun Okeowo

Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo said she cried the day she heard her ex-husband has remarried.image

She said she shed tears not because he remarried, but that he paid another woman’s bride price, while her own family begged him to pay hers while they were together, but he refused.

She said she never cheated her ex-husband for once, debunking the rumour that she was chased out because of infidelity.
In an interview with The Sun, the mother of two, a boy and a girl, said she had found love again after parting ways with the father of her children.

She said she was yet to marry to another man, adding that its going to be very discreet, when she decides to.

“I am not married. But when I do it is going to be very discreet,” she said.

“I am deeply in love. But I haven’t tied the knots yet. But very soon I will and it is going to be very private.”

The Yoruba actress added that there is no regrets leaving her ex-husband and that she feels nothing for him anymore.

She said, “I don’t regret leaving my ex. In fact, I don’t feel anything for him anymore.


culled :The sun


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